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Social Media Marketing in Nepal

We understand the challenge of finding a social media management company that fits a specific need. That's why we've made this task a lot easier. With Web IT Nepal, you will have a list of social media managers that match your search requirement. Simply give us a call and let us know what you are looking for. The rest - is up to us!

What is Social Media Marketing?

It is a form of digital marketing that uses social platforms to build a company's brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic and for users to create social networks and share information.

In addition to giving businesses a way to connect with existing customers and reach new ones, social media marketing has genuine data analytics that allows marketers to track the success of their efforts and identify additional methods to engage with them. Simply, it uses digital social platforms (Google, Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok) to influence consumer behavior, engage the audience and increase reach.

social media marketing in nepal

Why is Social Media Marketing is Important?

93% of marketers are using social media business for it has a wide range of saturation. Analysis from Kepios shows that there are 4.74 billion active social media users. Thereby, creating a digital brand ensures users that the brand they care about, also cares about them.

Some of the many reasons, why social media marketing is important are listed below:

  • To Increase brand awareness.
  • To create meaningful relationships with customers.
  • To keep the customers updated.
  • To increase website traffic.
  • To generate possible leads and boost sales.
  • To have an eye on the competition.
  • To directly track and monitor the impact of social media activities on the business.
  • A good design can differentiate even small businesses from big brands.

“While you work on expanding your business physically, Web IT Nepal ensures that you expand digitally.”

Why choose Web IT Nepal to Manage Social Media?

Developing an effective social media marketing strategy enhances the effectiveness of other marketing techniques – including SEO and SEM – by helping to build organic links and increase traffic, awareness, brand recognition, and goodwill.

Web IT Nepal (WIN), as the name suggests, is the moving IT Company that will ensure your WIN in the digital space. We help manage, maintain and execute social media campaigns and provide a decent return on your spending and investment.

Here are some reasons to choose us, but not limited to:

  • Our experience in tracking any algorithm changes and new trends is best proven among our competitors.
  • We follow agile methodology to ensure the continued success of clients through modifications.
  • Social media is a two-way communication platform. Thereby, we ensure engagement on the brand’s page, not just for reputation management but also to obtain additional insights.
  • We schedule, design and manage creative content to enhance the customer experience on your page.
  • Our experience in resolving internet issues has saved companies from unforeseen circumstances.
  • We constantly keep track of your analytics and are always looking for ways to establish you as an expert in your industry.
  • We pursue social media networking using the jab-and-hook technique, where quality content stings customers and engages them through calls to action.
why choose web it nepal for social media marketing

Our Services under Social Media Marketing

social media services in nepal
  • Social media handling.
  • Page management.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads Management.
  • Creating engaging organic social campaigns
  • Email Marketing Designs.
  • Tracking your social campaigns
  • Amplifying your efforts with website integration

Our Process

If you have big goals to implement in your business, we have bigger plans for communicating them to all users through various digital media. WIN focuses on a combination of search engine marketing, traditional marketing, and social media marketing to achieve ultimate brand success by improving direct website traffic, top search engine rankings, and enhancing brand reputation.

Understanding the audience, setting SMART goals, and Identifying key success metrics have always been our most liked routes on social media by clients. We also audit your current social media presence, pick the best social media management tool and team, curate content and finally optimize them as per your needs.

Hopefully, you now can see that you’d be far better off marketing through Web IT Nepal than others. As social media platforms become hubs for their customers, the right social media marketing team is needed to persuade the target audience - A team that can contribute 100% to a brand's strategy can win any customer and yield a much better result. And yes, we help you win through W-I-N.

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